Multiple Teams · Changes to Major/Minor Award Requirements for 2020 Spring Sports

May 4, 2020

Spring sports generally present some challenges not faced in the fall or winter.  Spring weather can play havoc on our facilities causing numerous cancellations and delays.  However, even with the weather, we eventually get to conduct practices, play our contests, and participate in the IHSAA tournaments.

Due to COVID-19, this spring has a completely different look.  We are not able to hold practices or play contests, and the IHSAA has cancelled all spring post-season tournaments.

With this cancellation of spring athletics, schools are spending countless hours trying to determine how to deal with items that are generally taken for granted.  One such item is the end-of-season recognition of athletes who participated in a sport.  The Wawasee Athletic Department will not be presenting the usual awards such as the Warrior Way Award, Rookie of the Year, or Most Valuable Player.  There is no way we could fairly choose winners for these types of awards.  We will, however, still be awarding “points” that are earned with a Major (2 points) or Minor (1 point) award.

The Major award is generally earned through participation and/or success in varsity contests.  With no varsity contests, it is impossible to know with 100% certainty who would earn the major award distinction.  Below is the plan for awarding points to the 2019-20 spring athletes:

Spring Athletes (the policy for team managers will remain unchanged) who will earn TWO (2) points with a Major award:

  • All Senior athletes
  • All Junior athletes
  • All Sophomores who earned a Major award as a Freshman

All remaining Sophomores and all Freshmen will fall under the following plan:

  • Will be given a Major award, but only ONE (1) point 
  • If a Major award is earned during the same spring sport in the 2020-21 season, an additional ONE (1) point will be added to the athlete’s 2019-20 spring total

As previously stated, there is not going to be a system for awarding a Major/Minor and points that will be perfect.  Generally, varsity athletes (and Major award winners) are Juniors and Seniors.  There can certainly be exceptions to that generality, but it is impossible to know which athletes would be those exceptions.  This system allows us to retroactively provide points to athletes after the 2020-21 spring season.

How the distribution of patches (numerals, chevrons, letters, etc.) will happen has not yet been determined.  Regardless of the method for distribution, it will not likely happen prior to June 3, 2020 as that was the original date for the Spring Sports Awards Program.